Who is IGO

From stage to drawings...

Igo (Rodrigo Fomins) is a Latvian singer born in Liepāja. He became one of the most popular Latvian musicians in the 80s when he sang in bands such as Līvi, Remix, and Liepājas Kvartets. He has collaborated with the most notable Latvian composers: Raimonds Pauls, Imants Kalniņš, Zigmars Liepiņš, and others. After winning the Grand Prix at the Jūrmala 86 young singers’ competition of the USSR, Igo embarked upon a successful solo career in 1990.

For many he will always be Bearslayer from Māra Zālīte and Zigmars Liepiņš’ rock opera Bearslayer (Lāčplēsis) and Quasimodo from Zigmars Liepiņš’ rock opera Notre-Dame de Paris (Parīzes Dievmātes katedrāle). He has also recorded several tens of successful solo albums, participated in television and radio shows, published collections of poems, developed conceptual concert programmes, and for many years organised culture events, clean-ups and charity concerts in Jūrkalne, Kuldīga and elsewhere.

There is no stopping Igo, who continues to amaze! Now, the well-known musician has expanded his creative horizons by tackling visual arts...

The Story Behind the Brand
Igo. Personality Accent

From drawings to clothing...

Igo’s first experience in graphic art were the plein air sessions in the streets and courtyards of Liepāja together with his mother Irina Tīre, the renowned graphic artist and photographer from Liepāja.

Igo works in the techniques of collagraphy and offset, attending graphic artist Nele Zirnīte’s master classes at her workshop. Whereas freehand drawings are made on paper using the classic combination of ink and graphite.

In August 2014, he decided to create added value for his book of poems The Sky is Hot (Debesis Karstas) and thus made thematically printed mugs, which were offered to his fans at concert venues alongside the collection of poems. These mugs were soon followed by more items: the Igo. Personality Accent line of design objects with Igo’s drawings, a line of candles in collaboration with Sveču Istaba and Baltic Candles, and a line of decorative prints for china and glassware such as mugs, plates and glasses in collaboration with Rito and Dekolserviss.

The first Igo. Personality Accent clothing collection was also created, featuring elements from Igo’s graphic work such as rowan and oak, dragonflies, flowers and grass stems, which have been transferred on linen women’s and men’s clothing as ornamental drawings. The capsule collection is dominated by linen, colourful prints in various techniques, and embroidery.

Since September 2015, the company is a member of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.